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Our Classes

SOUL: Extreme
(Circuit Training


In this circuit based bootcamp class you will experience the kind of burn you have never felt before. You will be taken through a series of different stations where you will experience exercises that combine plyometric, strength, boxing, kickboxing and/or core focused training.  Never have you ever experienced a class like this!

SOUL: Strong
(Strength Training)

DSC06721-6 copy.jpg

Done in a block format, you will sculpt your entire body using various equipment through purposeful movements. Your body will be taken through a series of strength and core defining exercises specifically thought through to make sure that every muscle is being trained, every movement has a purpose, and every rep makes you SOUL: STRONG!

(Cardio dance fitness)


Feel the fire under your feet as you dance to the hottest pop, hip-hop and club beats on the charts. With easy to follow edgy, yet trendy dance fitness moves, you’ll tear up the dance floor in all the right ways at Club SOUL.


After 40 mins of heart pumping cardio dance, you will then be taken through a series of strength and core defining exercises that sculpts your entire body.

Latin SOUL
(Latin dance fitness)


With different rhythms infused into one class, you will feel like you’re at the hottest party around! With easy to follow Latin inspired dance fitness moves, you’ll feel like a pro as you move your body to various tempos allowing you to lose yourself in the beat

(Rhythmic Strength Training


Have you ever sculpted your body to the beat of the music? Well, in this class you will! You don’t need heavy weights or high intense training to make you sweat. All you need is repetition, creative moves and a motivating playlist. We keep you grounded in this weight-based cardio workout. Don’t let this class fool you into thinking you’re not getting one helluva workout because you will feel it in every inch of your body.

SOUL Flow 


Unwind your mind and ignite your SOUL in this fire and flow vinyasa inspired yoga class. With classic postures and a modern flare, and an emphasis on areas of focus for each class, your Instructor will make you feel both empowered and restored at each and every class. 

*Open to all levels

SOUL: Fire & Flow
(Stretch & Strength


Set to the beat of the music, we will ignite a fire within your SOUL as you flow all over the mat. You will be led through an intense, yet invigorating mat based workout using only your body as resistance and music as your motivation. Midway through, there will be a surge of energy thrown into the flow that will leave you feeling inspired and a satisfying stretch at the end to leave you feeling empowered. Come and set your SOUL on fire!

Indoor Cycle



This classic ride will make you hit all your milestones as you strive to hit the next level. You will be taken on the ride of life as you hit hills, sprints, intervals, jumps, surges…you name it, you hit it! This is your classic ride with a thrill at the end leaving you wanting more and looking forward to your next ride.


Let the music control your RPM’s as  your body moves to the BPM’s. You’ll hit all the traditional cycling milestones and goals, but the rhythm of this ride brings extra flare. You’ll be swaying, jumping, crunching, pressing and tapping it back with various movements on this upbeat rhythmic ride.


Have you ever taken a cycle class that calls itself 'Push?' What about PUSH HIIT?

This HIIT formatted cycle class will push you to your limit as you are taken through various high intensity intervals throughout your ride. You will increase your resistance, perform heat building isolations as well as fire up your endurance with short bursts of high intense energy. You will then get a short recovery period long enough to catch your breath so that you can do it all over again! 
Doesn't that sound like a hit? Well, maybe more like PUSH HIIT! 

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